Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Friends Review

Just gave a rough draft to a friend to proof. Here are his comments.

I think you have grown as a writer.  I felt more emotion when reading this
second book.  To give you an example - when you describe Sarah and her
encounter with her slain family.  I was SO with her!  Your writing really
drew me in and connected me with that character.  I could feel that raw
emotion.  I could feel more emotion with every character especially the way
you described their confusion, fear and inner conflicts.  Okay, the young
Ecel and Erin becoming friends very well written with their conversation -
that scene gets a Big Ahhhh from all the women.

Lindar was awesome!  You have a tremendous imagination.  Not just the
Langrans but the plants, council chambers, no roof, the membranes (membranes
- very clever !!).  Loved Salome' battle speech - I wanted to fight!  To be
a Warrior! Great Job!!!

Should be heading to the editor within the month and then it's time to Publish!!