Sunday, July 24, 2011

Solome' and Rhemos Speak of Dreams

Solome’ and Rhemos walked along the path that lead to his home. Along the way the conversation continued. 

“We’re you surprised by the elder who is trained in the ways of the realms?” Solome’ asked.

“Yes, I had not idea that any Lindarians had ever explored those teachings.”

“200 men is quite a training force. They should be able to prepare the others quickly.” Solome’ smiled.

“Lindarians learn fast. We are hard headed, but we learn fast.”

The two men continued along the path, but Solome’ stopped frequently. There was so much to see. Forests that teemed with odd species of birds and animals. Brilliant flowers that seemed painted on their stems. Streams of clear blue water that seemed almost transparent ran across the path they walked along. Solome’ stuck his hand out and gently stopped Rhemos, then he bent down and looked into the water. He could see Rhemos standing above him.

“The water is so pure. Is it good to drink?” Solome’ asked as he lowered his cupped hand into the running water.

“If you’re a Lindarian.” Rhemos smiled. “You may not find it pleasing to your digestion at first. It is an acquired taste.” He placed his hand on Solome’ shoulder.

Solome’ carefully dumped the water out of his hand. “It’s very tempting.”

Rhemos patted his shoulder. “Come on my friend, we’ll be late for dinner.”

Solome’ stood and wiped his hand on his leg. “You didn’t say anything about dinner.”

“We have to eat.” Rhemos said as he stepped in front to lead the way.

“Will I find the food comforting to my digestion?”

“I’ll go easy on you tonight. We want you to be able to get some sleep.”

The two walked along in silence for a while then Solome’ broke the silence. “What are your thoughts about the Lindarian’s strength?”

“What do you mean?” Rhemos asked.

“How can we best work together? Do you see anything I’m not seeing?” Solome’ glanced at the ground and back at Rhemos.

“I believe the best way to achieve maximum impact against the drakan army is to keep our alliance a secret.” Rhemos looked at him. “Half of our army is bound to the limits of the lakes, and while they cover some distance, they are easily avoided by traveling more inland. If the drakan’s were to learn of our alliance, they would adjust their approach to Braham castle to a more inland route. This would limit our participation to our archers from the ground.”

Solome’ nodded his head as Rhemos spoke. “Quite right.” He walked silently for a moment and placed his hand on the back of his neck. “I do not think that anyone else knows of my visit or my task here, but what you say bears repeating in the presence of the elders.”

Rhemos’ hands moved up and down in rhythm with his words. “If we can be accurate in our timing, we can inflict massive losses on their army if they approach along the lakes, and they have no reason not to. The path along the lakes is the quickest and easiest route, and they’ve had no encounters with Lindarians in the past.” 

Solome’ smiled. “You are quite the strategist my friend.” 

Rhemos stopped walking and looked into Solome’s eyes. “Have you ever felt like you were born to do a certain thing?”

Solome’ stared back at him. “At times.”

“This is what I feel I was born to do Solome’.” His eyes widened. “I have never felt so alive!” He turned and began to walk again. “At times it is very difficult for me to contain my enthusiasm.” The two continued to walk. They came to a rocky outcropping that overlooked a huge valley. Rhemos walked to the edge and looked over. He motioned to Solome’ to join him. “Look down there. What do you see?”

Solome’ studied the valley. There were Lindarians everywhere, moving about from place to place. It was quite busy. “I see Lindarians busy about their lives.”

“Exactly!” Rhemos placed his hands behind his head and leaned back. “They’re busy!” He turned towards Solome’. “But why are they busy?” Solome’ studied the crowds for a moment and considered Rhemos’ question. After a moment, he shrugged his shoulders. “They are busy because they can’t find what they’re looking for my friend.”

Solome’s eyes squinted and the corners of his mouth turned up slightly. “I’m not sure I understand.”

Rhemos waved his hand across the panorama of Lindarians. “These are fierce warriors who do not know that they are warriors. They each go about their daily routines with incredible energy, but that energy is misplaced.” He stepped closer to Solome’ and placed his hand on his shoulder. “This is the result of generations of Lindarians starved of adventure. They were created to fight, to defend! But our ancestors robbed them of the reason their blood flows so forcefully through their veins. They’ve forgotten Solome’ why they’re here.” Rhemos’ hand dug deep into Solome’s shoulder. Solome’ whinced and dipped his shoulder down to relieve the pain. “Sorry my friend.” Rhemos released his grip.

“You are very passionate about your theory.” Solome’ patted his shoulder.

“I’ve had dreams Solome’. Vivid dreams of what our kind was like.” Rhemos looked deep into his eyes.

Solome’ turned to continue walking along the path. “I would like to hear about your dreams.” Solome’ interlaced the fingers of his hands and let them hand in front of him. “Tell me about them.”

Rhemos walked briskly to catch up with Solome’. “They are coming more often now.” The two exchanged glances. “They began when I was awakened, and at first I thought it was only because I had been awakened.”

Solome’ turned his head towards him as they walked. “But now you think differently?”

“Yes. I believe my dreams are about my people, not just me. In them I can see our ancestors fighting great battles on the land and in the water. There are chariots, horsemen, and archers in a vast army. The battles are fierce, and I find myself walking through the battles looking into the eyes of the Lindarian warriors.” He paused for a moment. “Only, they’re not Lindarian. We did not become Lindarian until we retreated to these lakes for protection.”

“What were you?” Solome’ asked.

“We were a great Shinarian Province at one time. We were the guardians of the place you call Braham province and the surrounding four provinces as well. But we were united as one.”

Solome’ turned towards him again. “In your dream of course.”

“It’s more than a dream.” Rhemos broke off a branch from a small tree and swatted at the grass as they walked along. “I haven’t found the proof yet, but I know that these dreams are coming to me from shinlings. They are not natural dreams.”

The two walked along quietly for a moment. Then Solome’ broke the silence. “Tell me more about what you think happened.”

“Every dream ends the same. I walk through the fighting hordes and make my way to the leader. In the middle of the battle he stops and looks at me.” Rhemos’ walk slowed and he stared at the ground unblinking. “He really sees me Solome’.” Rhemos looked at him with trepidation in his eyes.

“What happens next?” Solome’ asked.

“He speaks to me.” Rhemos just stared for a moment. “He says the same thing every time. He says; Remember who you are.” He reached up with his right arm and rubbed his left arm briskly.

“What do you think it means?” Solome’ asked quietly.

Rhemos reached out and touched him. “He doesn’t just say it. He pleads with me. Their are tears in his eyes.” He lowered his hand and continued walking. “It’s as if he were pleading for the lives of thousands. I can feel the weight of his words.” He took a few steps and turned. “Even now.” His head dropped. 

Solome’ stood beside him for a moment. He placed his hand on his shoulder and squeezed. “Perhaps we should discuss this some more over that wonderful meal you are going to prepare for me.”

Rhemos looked up at him and smiled. “Oh, I am not preparing it for you.” He began to walk more briskly down the path.

Solome’ called after him as he jogged to catch up. “You’re not?”